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What have other singers said about my singing lessons?

Al, Because of your great training, (and a lot of "do-re-mi"s) I have been able to tour or perform with such greats as Paul Anka, Brian McKnight, Boyz to Men and Robin Thicke. I have headlined in a 40,000 seat arena and in Vegas, Foxwoods and Monte Carlo. There is no question in my mind that without your training and techniques, none of this would have happened. Thank you.

Josh Royals ("Prymary Colorz")

Josah Royals Singing Student
Josh Royals says that he has benefited from Al Koehn's singing lessons

"As a country singer , I found myself singing every day, either in the studio or in concert. My endurance collapsed and my high range disappeared. After just a few sessions with Al , I'm a believer! My range is better than ever and I handle my crazy schedule without ever burning out."
Marilu Marcus • Chicago, Ill.

Al Koehn is our singing guru. The 3 years we spent with Al at his studio gave us the vocal foundation to sing in Disney's "High School Musical", record 3 top selling albums with Sean Combs ("Diddy") and sell out concerts throughout the States and Europe. Thanks Al.
Patrick, Brian, Dustin, Cornel, Kelly ("B5")

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If you are a student of mine and you refer a new student to me who takes at least two singing lessons, I will pay you $20.

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