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Al Koehn, Singing Teacher
Al Koehn, Singing Teacher

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AL KOEHN is recognized as the teacher and coach of top recording artists, radio, tv and movie personalities, actors and business professionals. His powerful "Vocal Visualization©" techniques are being used by singers and professional speakers throughout the world.

Al holds degrees in music education, drama and voice development from Murray State University, Kentucky with extensive graduate work at SIU and Michigan State. He taught high school and university choir, drama and humanities for 11 years and has been teaching voice, public speaking and presentation techniques in St. Petersburg, FL for over 26 years. He was "on the road" for 9 years as a single singer-keyboardist. Literally hundreds of speech and singing students have worked extensively with Al over the years.

A personal message from Al

There are a lot of excellent singing teachers out there. What can I offer you in my sessions that so many of them can't? The truth is, the finest vocal teachers all offer powerful time-tested techniques and information which can lead you to a professional quality voice with an extended range, good breathing techniques and more powerful performances. So, again, what can I offer you that so many other teachers can't?

Look back over the many teachers you've had in public school and college. Have you ever had a history or math or music teacher who covered all the right material, and yet turned you off and taught you nothing? And then, at another time, another teacher covered the same material and you were inspired and motivated to learn even more than was covered in the course? We've all known those special teachers who touched us in amazing ways. Why did they succeed where others failed? The answer to that is simple: they reached us with their enthusiasm, their spirit and their genuine need so see their students succeed. They connected. with us. They were the real teachers. The material was the same, but the teacher was not.

I've been one of those teachers all of my adult life. I am enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced and I have a genuine need to see my students succeed; and I love all types of music if it is done well. This includes rock, country, heavy metal, thrash, punk and pop. (Yes, there is a correct way to growl and scream) This is the age of Ipods and computers, and I use them, and other modern technology, to strengthen my presentations and relate to today's generation.

Along with teaching the "basics" of good singing, .I record my students, as they work on songs, on excellent equipment so we both can listen, evaluate, make changes and then record again. I teach them microphone and performance techniques, how to work an audience and best utilize the stage.

Unless a singer plans only to stand in front of a piano with their hands folded, they need to learn the whole business of entertaining, not just how to sing. Most of my students like to choose songs from my amazing collection of over 40,000 karaoke backing tracks. Some prefer that I play piano for them, or they bring their own tracks. Whatever works best for them is what we do.

The years I spent as a university student, and later studying with some truly great teachers have given me powerful and effective techniques. The 9 years I spent "on the road" as a professional entertainer armed me with amazing information and experience I pass on to those of you who wish to perform professionally. As a radio and TV personality I learned how to reach and teach via recorded mediums. As a producer-director of professional theater I learned how to develop "star quality" in my students. And the thousands of private lessons I have given over the past 25 years as a teacher of pop, rock, country and gospel singers have taught me how to teach.

Email or call me if you want to greatly improve your singing and performances. I look forward to meeting you.

Al Koehn

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