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Please note that due to illness I have taken a break from giving singing lessons. If you want to, please contact me using the form below, but I have no idea when I would be able to respond. I apologize.


Al Koehn
796 Village Lake Terrace
St Petersburg, FL, 33716


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Singing Lessons Promotion 1

Free Singing Lesson and Evaluation
Do you want to learn to sing? Or even just find out if you have singing talent? I will give you a free half hour singing lesson and talent evaluation. Just Contact me.

Singing Lessons Promotion 2

Refer A Friend
If you are a student of mine and you refer a new student to me who takes at least two singing lessons, I will pay you $20.

Singing Lessons Promotion 3

Give A Gift
Why not do what Jennifer did for her sister or Dale is doing for a friend. If they have always wanted to sing, then buy a singing lesson at our promotional rate.